Association Française Edwards Deming
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The President's letter

Dear visitors,

Whether you come to us by chance or by desire to learn more about Deming, the first question that may come to your mind is: "Who are these people? "

I would first like to tell you who we are not :

• we are not consultants seeking clients ;
• we are not fanatics of quality ;
• we are not sellers of advices;
• we are not sellers of a ready-to-use toolkit ;
• We are not sellers of a quick fix for your problems.

But on the other hand :

• we are professionals in various professions;
• We are apprentices who want to apply the principles outlined by Deming ;
• we are Frenchmen who want to help their country become better ;
• we are adept at cooperation, unlike competition against all others;
• we are sure that running an organisation (a company, a school, etc.) must be learned ;
• we are volunteers, our pleasure is to know that we are useful to you.

On your side, you must accept :

• that your will follow a long way and that you must persevere ;
• that the Deming's principles are not "common sense" but a well-established theory ;
• that making efforts is up to you, that you cannot escape by rewarding someone else ;
• that if you do not run properly the system you have in charge, you will only find frustrations.

I have met Jean-Marie Gogue for more than 25 years, and he has opened my eyes to the principles of Deming. I had to wait to be professionally in a position to apply the certainties that I have got. However, despite my goodwill, each day brings questions and questions.

But every day also strengthens my conviction that I have chosen the right path.


May 2014

Long term commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation.

W. EDWARDS DEMING, Out of the Crisis